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Director: Madie Farris '19
Stage Manager: Grace Owen '19 Production Manager: Leafia Sheraden Cox '20
Cast: Kim Burton '20 as Marianne
Elizabeth Lambert '20 as Roland  

Description: When Marianne and Roland meet for the first time they go out for drinks. Or maybe they don't. Maybe they meet again later in a supermarket and go out then, or maybe Marianne is engaged to someone else. In this gorgeous two person show we watch a beekeeper and a physicist fall in (or maybe out) of love as we spin through an infinity of what-ifs or might-have-beens. Constellations explores the theory of the multiverse, playing out before you a seeming infinity of universes, weaving a touching and playful love story through it all.  

Show Dates/Locations: 
Thursday, May 3rd, 6pm- Punches Alley (Wellesley only)

Friday, May 4th, 7pm- Senate room in Green hall

Saturday, May 5th, 2pm- Knapp atrium in Pendleton east

Saturday, May 5th, 7pm- McAfee common room (Wellesley only)

Sunday, May 6th, 2pm- Green beach (or Knapp atrium in case of rain)  

Free for Wellesley/Olin/Babson/MIT students with ID, $5 students outside of Wellesley/Olin/Babson/MIT with ID, $10 general admission  

Content Warnings: Please note that there is subject matter in Constellations that may be triggering or inappropriate for some viewers. 

This play includes sensitive content including:
Implications and discussion of sexual activity
Implied alcohol consumption
Domestic abuse including one on-stage hit
Discussion of assisted suicide
Death/illness of a parent as well as discussion of life-threatening illness  

If you will need accessibility accommodations for this event, please contact Jim Wice at or call X2434


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