President: Alicia Margarita Olivo '19

Alicia is a little brown nerd double majoring in American Studies and Theatre Studies, and is from the self-proclaimed Strawberry Capital of the World, Pasadena, TX. This is Alicia's fourth year involved in Upstage, and her third as part of the executive board. When not involved in Upstage E-Board or productions, you could find her working at Clapp Library, yelling in one of the dining halls, or hanging out in one of the co-ops. In her free time, she works on creative non-fiction, writes plays both short and long, and FaceTimes with her two dogs, Laika and Chica. You can follow Alicia on Twitter (@aliciamargaritx) and WordPress (, and can contact her at She accepts tips at


Vice President: Kim Burton, '20

Kim is your resident social media enthusiast, "professional" Spotify playlist curator, film hoe, and sandwich lover. They are a Theatre Studies and Cinema & Media Studies double major, and so pumped to be a part of Upstage Eboard this season!

Besides being as involved with all things theatre as possible, you can find her working at El Table (come through!), chilling by the lake, cooking/baking in SCoop, or blasting off meaningless (or is it??) knowledge about astrology.

Follow them on Twitter (@liberkym) or Spotify (@wolfiesowl) and please feel free to reach out to at any time if you have any questions! They can't wait to meet you!


Technical Coordinator: Grace Berger, '20

Grace is a Media Arts and Science major from Palo Alto, CA. Grace has been involved in Upstage since first year and looks forward to two more! When not hiding in the theater 24/7, you can usually find Grace listening to music in a hammock by Lake Waban, working in Punch’s Alley, or out in search of boba tea. 


Treasurer: Rachel Hodes, '21

Rachel is Upstage's Treasurer for the 2018-19 school year! They are a sophomore planning on majoring in sociology. Beyond Upstage, they are involved in Jewish life at Wellesley and in WZLY. They can't wait to work with the rest of Eboard and with the Upstage community in the coming year to make Upstage a better place!



Secretary/Box Office Manager: Haruka Ueda, '20